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About Emindee Images

People ask me about the name Emindee Images, and I'm always happy to tell the story.  When I started my photography business over 8 years ago, I wanted a name that would reflect who we are.  We're a Mother/Daughter team.  And what better way to show that than the name of our business?  Trying to come up with a creative way to use the letters M and D without ending up having people call us MandD was a challenge.  Alexis and I put our heads together and a little play on phonetics gave us the name Emindee!

Our combined artistic styles create beautiful images for our couples, while providing an amazing experience. It's always such a joy to join our couples on their journey through marriage as their lives evolve from engagement to family.  Many of our clients become life long friends, and we love it!

Meet with us and feel the experience...